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The end of the year is typically a time for reflection – a time to look back on what has been achieved and what still needs to be done before the Christmas shutdown. When we started PrimeQ, none of us foresaw what could be achieved in the Oracle Cloud world in such a short time. We were a group of people thinking we could make a difference based on a culture of ‘Be Grateful and Remain Humble’.

As we round out 2017, we have over 100 people, an enviable customer list, a strong fiscal position, awards for ANZ and APAC ERP Cloud Partner of the Year and an investor group that fully supports what we are doing.

We are very grateful that it seems like everyone wants to be a part of the PrimeQ team. Our people feel respected, valued and challenged. This has also helped us to readily recruit new starters that are a fit for what we have created.

When we started PrimeQ, it seemed like customers were looking for an alternative player in the market – an organisation that was prepared to do things differently. PrimeQ was engineered for the purpose of delivering Oracle Cloud solutions and we examined every component of our delivery model along the way to be sure we were getting it right. Customers feel the vibe of us, and what that means to their project. We are yet to lose a customer in 18 months which is a testament to our team.

We considered what to do to make a difference to our customers and how we can innovate and add value. My biggest reflection has been around the success we have had and not taking that for granted. These are the mantras we have tried to follow along the way:

  1. Make sure every team member is protected and respected – Help everyone to make a difference
  2. Never listen to the norm – Everyone is equal – We are only the same as those around us
  3. The market changed and being agile is more important – Big transformation is not there anymore
  4. Focus on what makes a difference for the customer –  Business outcomes are key
  5. You won’t get everything right – Be prepared to review and retune along the way
  6. Trust your team ….They are the game!

Often it is easy to say the words, but living it and building it into your culture can be hard. To do this means you need to make sure you respect the partnership of the people that work with you and the groups that support you.

Since we opened the doors at the beginning of 2016 we have had amazing support from Oracle. They saw what we were planning to do and recognised there were natural synergies with the transformation to a Cloud business that they were going through themselves. We are fortunate to work with what has become a mature suite of Cloud solutions from Oracle. The Cloud also seems to necessitate that partners form solid working relationships with other partners. We have had some great projects with Presence of IT, M-Power Solutions and James & Monroe. Engagements where our people work together as a project team to deliver an outstanding result for our customers. Nextgen as our Oracle VAD has always provided valuable assistance and advice along the way.

Our investor group believed and stood as a group to support us getting off the ground. As a start-up, it is vital to have investors that share and understand the long term vision.

We all talk about creating success but this can only be achieved by thinking about the longer term, not the shorter term operational outcomes.

I’m looking forward to an exciting 2018 at PrimeQ and would like to thank each of you that have played a part in our success to date.